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Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are specialized doors designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke for a specified period, typically ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours. These doors are crucial components in fire protection systems within buildings, providing safe evacuation routes and compartmentalizing fire to limit property damage and increase safety.

How Fire Rated Doors Work

Fire-rated doors are constructed from materials that can withstand high temperatures and prevent fire and smoke from passing through. They are typically made from steel, gypsum, and fire-resistant glass, and they feature intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat, sealing gaps around the door. These doors are rigorously tested to meet stringent fire safety standards, ensuring their effectiveness in an emergency.

Key Components of Fire Rated Doors

  1. Core Material: Often made from solid wood, gypsum, or a honeycomb structure to provide fire resistance.
  2. Door Frame: Constructed from steel or other fire-resistant materials to support the door and maintain its integrity during a fire.
  3. Intumescent Seals: Expand when exposed to heat, filling gaps around the door to prevent the passage of fire and smoke.
  4. Fire Rated Glass: Special glass that can withstand high temperatures while maintaining transparency for visibility.
  5. Fire Rated Hardware: Includes hinges, handles, locks, and door closers designed to remain functional and secure under high temperatures.

Benefits of Fire Rated Doors

  1. Enhanced Safety: Provides a critical barrier against the spread of fire and smoke, protecting occupants and allowing for safe evacuation.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Meets building codes and fire safety regulations, which mandate the use of fire-rated doors in specific areas of a building.
  3. Property Protection: Limits the spread of fire, reducing damage to the building and its contents.
  4. Peace of Mind: Assures building occupants and owners that they have an effective measure in place to enhance fire safety.

Applications of Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are essential in various settings, including:

  • Commercial Buildings: Offices, retail stores, and hotels.
  • Residential Buildings: Apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and daycare centers.
  • Industrial Facilities: Factories, warehouses, and workshops.


Fire-rated doors are a vital component of any comprehensive fire safety strategy. They offer significant benefits in protecting lives and property by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Investing in high-quality, certified fire-rated doors ensures compliance with safety regulations and enhances the overall safety of a building. By incorporating these doors into your fire protection plan, you can create a safer environment for occupants and minimize the potential damage caused by fires.

Steel Doors are approved from Department of Industries & Commerce. Bahadurgarh (Haryana) 601120 MINUTES FIRE RATED STEEL DOOR 46mm thick steel fire door of 60/120 minutes fire rating fabricating with 2 No. 18SWG galvanized steel sheet sandwiching with proprietary fire resistant insulat..
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FIRE RATED WOODEN DOORS Doors are approved from Central Building Research Institute (CBRI Roorkee) 120 MINUTS RATED COMPOSITE WOODEN FIRE/SMOKE CHECK DOOR DOOR FRAME:Wooden door frame of hard wood / teak wood of section 120 mm X 70mm with heat activated intumescent fire stip of section 15m..
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